SJT Electric Wire

Electric Wire

The SJT electric wire is constructed of stranded bare copper wires, lead-free PVC insulation and jacket. Its rated voltage is 300V and the rated temperature is 60℃, 70℃ or 105℃. Meeting the requirements of UL62, UL1581 and CSA C22.2NO.49 standards, the product has passed the UL VW-1 and CSA FT2 horizontal and vertical flame test.

ModelConductorInsulated earth wireInsulationConductor resistance at 20℃
SpecificationConstructionThicknessThicknessOverall diameter
18AWG/2C41/0.160.760.767.4 21.8
17AWG/2C52/0.160.760.767.6 17.3
16AWG/2C65/0.160.760.768.1 13.7
14AWG/2C41/0.2540.760.768.8 8.62
12AWG/2C65/0.2540.761.1410.5 5.43
10AWG/2C104/0.2541.141.5214.0 3.409
18AWG/3C41/0.160.760.767.8 21.8
17AWG/3C52/0.160.760.768.2 17.3
16AWG/3C65/0.160.760.768.5 13.7
14AWG/3C41/0.2540.760.769.5 8.62
12AWG/3C65/0.2540.761.1411.1 5.43
10AWG/3C104/0.2541.141.5215.0 3.409
18AWG/4C41/0.160.760.768.4 21.8
17AWG/4C52/0.160.760.768.8 17.3
16AWG/4C65/0.160.760.769.1 13.7
14AWG/4C41/0.2540.760.7610.1 8.62
12AWG/4C65/0.2540.761.1412.1 5.43
10AWG/4C65/0.321.141.5216.2 3.409
18AWG/5C41/0.160.760.769.8 21.8
17AWG/5C52/0.160.760.7610.1 17.3
16AWG/5C65/0.160.760.7610.5 13.7
14AWG/5C41/0.2540.760.7611.8 8.62
12AWG/5C65/0.2540.761.1414.0 5.43
10AWG/5C65/0.321.141.5218.5 3.409
SJT shielded18AWG/3C41/0.16 shielded 24/7/0.1270.760.768.621.8
16AWG/3C65/0.16 shielded 24/7/0.1270.760.769.317.3
14AWG/3C41/0.254 shielded 24/7/0.1270.760.7610.38.62

Our company provides shielded and unshielded types of this SJT product and the unshielded products also have other types, such as SJTW, SJTO, SJTOW SJTOO and SJTOOW. These products are suitable for overload mobile tools, mixers, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, vibrating machines, baking machines, medical equipment and so on. They can also be used as the power supply line of computers and can eliminate electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).

Yong Sheng is an experienced SJT electric wire manufacturer in China. We provide a wide range of products, including UL20276 multicore computer cable, IEC75-RVVY flexible cable, IEC 60320 C14 UL817/CSA plug, and more.

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