UL2990 Low Voltage Computer Wire

Low Voltage Computer Wire

Produced according to standards of UL758 and UL1581, the UL2990 low voltage computer wire uses single or stranded tinned or bare copper as the conductor. The insulation layer is made of PVC or PE and the jacket is made of PVC, which meets the requirement of RoHS standard. With uniform thickness, the insulation layer is easy to peel and cut off.

TypeCoreConductorOuter diameter of insulation(mm)Shield + Earth wire(mm)Jacket thickness(mm)Outer diameter of jacket(mm)

Our company produces UL2990 low voltage computer wires with the rated temperature of 80℃ and the rated voltage of 30V. There are three types of this product, 1+3 type, 3+5 type and 4+5 type. The corresponding thickness of the jacket is 0.85mm, 0.86mm and 0.89mm and the outer diameter is 5.70mm, 7.60mm and 8.40mm respectively. Thickness of the insulation layer is 2.50mm or 0.90mm. Our products adopt tinned or bare copper braid shield and pass UL VW-1 and JQA F-Mark flame test, which are safe to use and are the ideal computer and data transmission cables.

As a professional UL2990 low voltage computer wire manufacturer and supplier in China, we also offer IEC75-RVVY flexible cable, UL20862 spring insulated wire, insulated multicore cable, control cable, and much more.

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