UL2835 Electric Wire

Electric Wire

The UL2835 electric wire is constructed of stranded bare or tinned copper or copper foil, soft tinned copper earth wire, PVC, PE or PP insulation, aluminum mylar shield, bare or tinned copper contexture and PVC jacket. It passes UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test.

TypeNumber of coresConductorInsulation thicknessNominal diameterEarth wireOuter shieldJacket thicknessOverall diameterConductor resistance at 20℃
Wire gaugeNumber/DiameterMaterialWinding
UL28354C287/0.1270.220.82 /AL57/0.11.00 4.30 239.00
4C2217/ 17/0.16AL/0.45 4.00 59.40
5C2819/ /PAPER16/6/0.120.88 4.80 239.00
6C287/0.1270.220.82 /AL79/0.10.68 4.30 239.00
7C287/0.1270.260.90 7/0.127/75/0.120.90 5.00 239.00
7C32TINSEL0.221.00 7/0.127/16/7/0.10.75 5.20 563.00
8C2819/ /PAPER16/8/0.10.75 4.80 239.00
9C287/0.1270.220.82 /PAPER81/0.120.75 4.90 239.00
10C287/0.1270.260.90 7/0.127AL/0.65.00 239.00

Our company provides this product with conductor wire sizes of 22, 28 and 32AWG. The product with four cores and 22AWG conductor has an insulation layer with the thickness of 0.22mm, and its overall diameter is 4.00mm. Jacket thickness of the product with 30AWG conductor is 1.75mm and the conductor resistance at 20℃ is 563Ω per kilometer. With the rated temperature and voltage of are 80℃ and 30V respectively, our products can be used as the connecting line of television game machine and electronic equipment in secondary system. Customers in need of this product are welcome to contact us.

Yong Sheng is an experienced UL2835 electric wire manufacturer in China. Apart from UL wire / cable, we also offer VDE wire and cable, IEC electric wire / cable, DC plug, CCC plug, and much more.

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