UL2732 Control Cable

Control Cable

Used for internal wiring of electronic and electrical equipment, the UL2732 control cable adopts stranded bare or tinned copper as the conductor and the number of cores ranges from two to seven. The product is produced according to UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22.2 NO.210.2 standards and it has passed UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test.

TypeConductorNumber of coresInsulation thicknessJacket thicknessOverall diameterStandard lengthConductor resistance at 20℃
AWGConstructionBritish systemMetric systemUncoated copperTinned copper
stranded wire
307/0.10230.41 0.413.50±0.102000610354381
40.41 0.413.70±0.102000610354381
60.41 0.414.10±0.152000610354381
287/0.12720.41 0.413.30±0.102000610223239
30.41 0.413.60±0.102000610223239
40.41 0.414.00±0.152000610223239
50.41 0.414.20±0.152000610223239
60.41 0.414.40±0.152000610223239
70.41 0.414.60±0.152000610223239
267/0.16020.41 0.413.50±0.102000610230150
30.41 0.413.80±0.102000610230150
40.41 0.414.20±0.152000610230150
50.41 0.414.40±0.152000610230150
60.41 0.414.70±0.152000610230150
70.41 0.414.90±0.152000610230150
2411/0.16020.41 0.413.60±0.10200061087.694.2
30.41 0.414.00±0.15200061087.694.2
40.41 0.414.40±0.15200061087.694.2
50.41 0.414.70±0.15200061087.694.2
60.41 0.415.00±0.20200061087.694.2
70.41 0.415.20±0.20200061087.694.2

Insulation and jacket of the UL2732 control cable are made of lead-free PVC material, which enables the product to have good insulation property, abrasive resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection and other advantages. Based on wire size of the conductor, our products can be divided into four types. The product with 24AWG conductor uses eleven bare or tinned copper wires with the diameter of 0.160mm. The tinned copper has good resistance to oxidation, so product adopting tinned copper has excellent conductivity.

Yong Sheng is a professional UL2732 control cable manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including SVT electric copper wire, waterproof female DC connector, low voltage computer wire, and more.

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