UL2562 PVC Insulated Wire

PVC Insulated Wire

Single or stranded bare or tinned copper is adopted by the UL2562 PVC insulated wire as the conductor and the rated temperature and voltage are 80℃ and 300V respectively. Bare or tinned copper wires are wound to serve as shield. In addition, our product has passed UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 vertical flame test.

Our company provides UL2562 CSA and UL2562 CSA I A/B stranded wires. The former has two cores while the latter has three cores. Both insulation and jacket are made of PVC material and the thickness is 0.4mm. With high strength, weather resistance, nonflammability, geometric stability and other features, our product can be used in audio and video recording studios, sound systems and electronic circuit systems. If users choose our products, we will also provide various high-quality services to meet your different application requirements.

TypeNO. of coresConductorInsulation thicknessNominal diameterSpiral shield Overall diameterConductor resistance at 20℃
Jacket thickness
Wire gaugeNumber/
Stranded wire2411/×5.494.2
Stranded wire267/×7.8150

Yong Sheng is a China-based UL2562 PVC insulated wire manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as H05VV-F insulated multicore cable, 6A/250V CCC 3-pin plug, and IEC52-RVV electric wire.

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