UL2517 Electric Wire

Electric Wire

Used for electronic equipment, the UL2517 electric wire uses single or stranded soft tinned copper wires as the conductor and its jacket is made of PVC material. The rated temperature is 80℃ and there is no specified voltage value. In addition, this product has passed UL VW-1SC and CSA FT2 vertical flame test.

TypeConductorInsulation thicknessSpiral shieldJacket thicknessOverall diameter
UL2517 2 cores307/0.1020.2545/0.100.402.7±0.10
UL2517 3 cores307/0.1020.2548/0.100.402.8±0.10

Our company provides two types of this product, which are UL 2517 two cores type and UL2517 three cores type. Each type of product uses 30, 28, 26 or 24AWG conductor. The product with the 30AWG conductor adopts seven soft tinned copper wires with the diameter of 0.102mm, which has excellent antioxidant property and flexibility. Adopting semi-rigid PVC insulation and tinned copper wire winding, our product has good mechanical and processing performance.

As a specialized UL2517 electric wire manufacturer and supplier in China, Yong Sheng also provides IEC71F-TVVB flat cable, multicore computer cable, crocodile clip, and VDE French round pin plug, among others.

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