UL1571 Electric Wire

Electric Wire

Single or stranded bare or tinned copper wires are adopted by the UL1571 electric wire as the conductor and the insulation layer is made of PVC material. With uniform thickness, the insulation layer is easy to peel and cut off. The rated temperature and voltage of this product are 80℃ and 300V respectively.

Meeting standards of UL758, UL1581 and CSA C22.2 NO.210.2, the electric wire has resistance to acid, alkali and oil, moisture proofing, mould proofing and other characteristics, which is suitable for the internal wiring of audio-visual electronic equipment in low voltage secondary circuit and other common electrical and electronic equipment. In addition, this product has also passed UL VW-1 and CSA FT1 horizontal and vertical flame test.

TypeConductorInsulationStandard lengthConductor resistance at 20℃
AWGConstructionThicknessOverall diameterBritish systemMetric systemUncoated copperTinned copper
UL 1571 CSAT1(TR-64) stranded wire307/0.1020.150.70-0.0520002000354381
2021/0.1800.20 1.50-0.05200061034.636.7
1834/0.1800.20 1.80-0.10200061021.823.2
1626/0.2540.20 2.00-0.10200061013.714.6
UL 1571 CSAT1(TR-64) single wire281/0.3200.150.60-0.052000610218223
181/1.0240.20 1.50-0.05200061021.421.8
161/1.2900.20 1.80-0.10200061013.513.7
ConductorInsulationJacketConductor resistance at 20℃
AWGNo. of coresConstructionThicknessOuter diameterThickness Outer diameterUncoated copperTinned copper
3017/ 0.411.50 354381
2817/0.1270.150.80 0.411.60 223239
2617/0.1600.150.90 0.411.70 230150
24111/0.1600.151.00 0.411.80 87.694.2
22117/0.1600.151.20 0.412.00 55.459.4
20121/0.1780.151.50 0.412.30 34.636.7
18134/0.1780.151.80 0.412.60 21.823.2
16165/0.1600.152.00 0.413.00 13.714.6

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